The Gristmill’s Hill Country Cream Gravy

1/3  lb margarine                               

1 cup flour

3/8 weight ounce chicken base          

8 cups milk

1/2 tbs coarse black pepper               

1/2 lb country sausage

Melt butter in a sauce pan. Slowly add flour, stirring constantly.
Bring roux to a boil. Continue cooking until the flour taste is gone from the roux.
The roux should still flow from the pan when it is tipped. While the roux is cooking,
place milk in a double broiler and heat to 180 degrees (this is very important!). After
milk reaches 180 degrees, slowly add the roux a little at a time. When the gravy
has thickened and all lumps are gone, add the chicken base and pepper and stir well.
Make sure all of the chicken base is dissolved. Brown the country sausage
in a pan, drain well and stir into the gravy.

Wonderful on it’s own – unforgettable over flaky buttermilk biscuits!
Servings: 12 hearty portions


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